Thursday, 20 December 2012


Ha, yesterday I thought we had a wet day.

That was nothing compared to today.

Up to 35 kt in nice 2 meter swell and again a couple of sail changes and of course spinnaker.

But the wind was getting too strong for spi and we continued to "goose neck", meaning to have the main and the headsail on opposite sites. The Head was of course nicely boomed.

As I went on the bow for a sail change on an upwind course I think I was more under water then above. I could not have been more wet. Even my foul weather gear was no protection. And it was a hell of a fun. I loved it.

It was a very demanding, wet, exhausting and thrilling day. To be a bowman is just what I like.


As we came again back closer to shore the wind was week enough to hoist the asymmetric spinnaker. Much easier to handle but we can't run straight downwind with it. For that we would use the normal spinnaker.

The asymmetric is hoisted and brought down with a "hose" which makes again handling more easy. BUT....the hose has to work.
We have been already close to our harbor in a long bay with limited room to maneuver and we dropped the spi quite late. And the hose could only partly  pulled down the spi. And on top of it the tack shackle went lose and the kite started flying. Duncan had to act quickly as we have been about 30 sec. from shore. He ordered to dump the kite like we would do on a normal spinnaker and we could agin maneuver. He proved again that he is the right man to skipper this race.

I took this picture from the bow

Here is the official website from the Sydney-Hobart


and here is the weather site and other useful info for the race

Tomorrow we start our qualifying 24 hour race. So you might not get an update tomorrow. But in 2 days latest I'll be back.

Meet the crew

Tomo from Tokio is with his 23 years the youngest in our team. He gained his experience with dinghy races up to national championship. Most of the popular and great regatta sailors in the word started with dinghy races. Let’s keep an eye on Tomo.

Pete, the other English mate
Is also an offshore expert. He started with the age of 14 with yacht sailing and is doing it professional since he is 18. He basically sailed all around the world and was from 1995 till 2010 in the Royal fleet auxiliary unit of the English Navy. He is also owner of a company providing electronic Nav Systems for the future. If you want, you can check it out see www.ECDIS.ORG

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