Friday, 14 December 2012


Some useful info's and a reminder that I need to get the Aussie visa................ and an Insurance cover for offshore races. Can you believe that?????

I thought we Germans are picky with Insurance and things like that but it seems that the Brits are taking the lead. Well, I was trying to get hold of my insurance agent and I must find out that I'm not sure which life insurances I still have (I might not be a typical German). I hope to get some answers to my insurance coverage  tomorrow. If I'm not covered for offshore races it might be a bit late to correct that now. Let's see.

 Visa seems to be straight forward. Website is given from Flying fish and the rest is done via internet.          The visa is for free. 

                                               I like the aussies. 

   This is the Nav table on Arctos:


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