Friday, 14 December 2012


80 boats are registered for the race so far. I hope it will be a few more.

For anyone interested. 

Here is the official Sydney-Hobart we bsite

 Excerpt: “No regular annual yachting event in the world attracts such huge media coverage than does the start on Sydney Harbor.”

To give you an idea:
Note the lovely Aussie accent 

A Look into the future:

26.Dec, Boxing day:

Sydney will be packed with hundreds of thousands of spectators. Fireworks and bands and DJ’s. From start to finish, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is an iconic Australian summer experience. This race is one of the famous one in the world. The sailors are seen as hero’s and the best of it……. we are in the middle of it.

Ahead lying 630 NM (1170 km) offshore racing at it’s finest. What a wonderful Christmas time it will be. 
No x-mas celebrations, no eating too much, no stupid x-mas songs. (I’m done with jingle bells for the next 20 years). I’ll see only water and the crew and the boat.

The start is broadcasted all over the world, but I’m afraid it is not too popular in Germany.

I decided to start coming up with some rules about racing. Lesson of the day.

I start with a nice one: RULE 17. ON THE SAME TACK; PROPER COURSE 

If a boat clear astern becomes overlapped within 2 of her hull length’s to leeward of a boat on the same tack, she shall not sail above her proper course while they remain on the same tack and overlapped within that distance, unless in dong so she promptly sails astern of the other boat. This rule does not apply if the overlap begins while the windward boat is required by rule 13 to keep clear.

Understood? Easy, isn’t it. Must have been written from a lawyer

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