Sunday, 16 December 2012


We met at 10am in the Flying Fish office and after a short introduction we started to “sniff” on Arctos.

Duncan ( skipper), Chris (co skipper), Pete ( one of our 3 mates) and Jason ( mate), explained in more detail and after an early lunch brake we set sail to train maneuvers just outside the harbor area. I was surprised to see already 2 meter swell. And we haven’t really been on open water yet. How promising.

We all worked in the different positions to find out our likings/disliking’s and to get used to the work on  each station/position.

Sail change for the bow crew is work-intensive and fun. Even with this light 12 kt breeze and light swell I got already wet. 

The cockpit is small for a 55ft boat and on top of it we have the 10 person life raft  stored in it.

Duncan explaining the halyards on the mast

The mainsail is new and we found out that it is about 5 cm too high. We could tighten it down with a Cunningham and that was good enough for the first day training. After we came back at around 6PM, Duncan called the sail maker and he we’ll fix the problem till tomorrow morning.

We have a nice big sail compartment. I like that. Could be a cozy bed. This compartment has a big hatch but we don't use it for the sail changes to make sure that no water would get into the boat through that hatch. Remember, the bow of the boat is severely exposed to spray. 

There are quite a few halyards on the mast to be sorted out. No room for error here. 

Pete shows us how to best untangle the ropes. If not done properly it will create a total mess.

We need to work with running backstays. This is new to most of us. But today we got already a feeling for it.

I think our skipper’s and mate’s  need a few beers tonight to smooth their throats. Thank you guys, well done.

I wanted to upload some videos but the internet is really bad here. So the videos will come later.

See you tomorrow.

To keep you busy here the Lesson of the day.

 A few basic rules which do not only apply on a regatta but are normal sailing rules:

Rule 10   On opposite tacks
When boats are on opposite tacks, a port-tack boat ( = boom on the right side and left side of boat might be the higher one) Shall keep clear of a starboard – tack boat.

Rule 11  On the same tack, overlapped
When boats are on the same tack and overlapped, a windward boat shall keep clear of a leeward boat.

Rule 12    On the same tack, not overlapped
When boats are on the same tack and not overlapped, a boat clear astern (behind) shall keep clear of a boat clear ahead.

Rule 13     While tacking
After a boat passes head to wind, she shall keep clear of other boats until she is on a close-hauled course. During that time rules 10,11,and 12 do not apply. If two boats are subject to this rule at the same time, the one on the other’s port side or the one astern shall keep clear.

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