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Briefing in Sydney Harbor done by the CRUISING YACHT CLUB OF AUSTRALIA

It started with a weather briefing and it looks like the winds are not going to be very strong. We could expect around 30 kt. This race has seen far more in the past.

 There will be a northerly wind blowing down the Australian coast into bass strait. But this wind system is going to weaken and to change direction after a day. That means that it is a big advantage for the fast super maxis who are able to stay in that tailwind and ride it down to Hobart before the wind is changing. The rest of the fleet will face westerly winds which slows them down and separating them from the maxi fleet.

You can check out the Weather on  

Then the safety briefing. A short remainder why sailors lost their life's and how to prevent it. Basically it is about the crew knowing the safety equipment on board, where it is located and how to use it.

There is a good coverage with fixed wing and helicopter to about 120 NM off the coast. However, there is only limited night coverage available since only a few helicopters have night vision/navigation equipment. If we are in distress we have to prepare to survive for at least 1 hour during day and  in the night we simply  have to hold it out. If the waves are not too chaotic the closest rescue would most probably be a competitor which could be called in via VHF radio. 

Finally some words about rules and regulation explaining about the start procedure and some not so interesting things.

Every day there are 3 HF reports to me made. IF a boat does miss it 3 times in a row then it is disqualified.   Pete, Kirsty and Brendon are taking care that this does not happen.

As we came back to middle harbor we had still to do some work on the boat. We changed 2 halyards and oiled all the hanks  on the headsails, did  buy the food and many more things. And all this in 30 degree C.   Sweating 

You also can follow the race on flyingfisharctos on Facebook.

After the race Arctos will stay for another 2 weeks in Hobart and is then used for candidates doing the ocean yacht master certificate. We will split up in Hobart. 
I checked with the race office for a boat that is looking for crew on the way back from Hobart to Sydney. The race office is bringing crew and boat together. So far I have 2 offers. I could sail on a boat on 1st January from Hobart to Melbourne, but I want to come back to Sydney. And I could sail on 6,Jan, from Hobart to Sydney, but this is too late. My flight to Singapore leaves Sydney on 11th. 

Hello race skippers, if you are reading this blog, I'm ready and eager to join you on your boat back to Sydney!

We'll see on which boat I finally get back to Sydney.

MEET THE CREW    Here the last 2 guy's

Henry from England, the other bowman is also an experienced regatta sailor. He did, like Pete the young, the cowes week in England and he did a transatlantic race. And he has his yacht master certificate.

And finally me: I’m from Germany, biologically younger  then 40 and I sail since around 10 years.  I have the German skipper license and the yacht master certificate, preparing to do my ocean yacht master next year. I did a lot of family sailing and fun regattas. So far I logged a few offshore regattas like “round Skagen” - the only German offshore regatta - and the fastnet amongst them.

What a crew!!!!  

What a wonderful mix of nations!!!!!

English, Irish, Aussie, Kiwi, Japanese and German. And we are getting along really great. The time and the training on the boat is melting us together forming a real crew. 

                 Can't wait to start racing with that crew.

Maybe we should send some of the country leader in the world to sail the Sydney - Hobart race in one boat. This might solve some problems......They would learn how to get along or they might throw each other over board.  Both scenarios would do.

It is raining now here in Sydney and I'm ready for bed. I sleep on the boat here in middle harbor.  I love it to hear the sound of rain knocking on the deck of the boat. Pete stays on the boat as well but he is out now to party and he organized some beers. I"m sure he left some for me.

Cheers, Matthias

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