Friday, 14 December 2012


  Flying to Singapore

My colleagues Pierre Louis and Dietrich flying me to Singapore  

Just got an interesting e-mail: 

"Yacht" - Germans biggest sailing magazine - is watching this blog. Guy's, you are getting famous. 

This is what a bunk on our airplane looks like

 I like to sleep in our bunk on the airplane. The smooth rocking and vibrating of the airplane helps to fall asleep but still it is no match to sleeping on the sailing boat.

Sleeping on the boat has it's own magic. The rolling of the boat and the sound of the waves create an unforgettable atmosphere. However, in heavy weather the story is a different one. It is a  bit like heavy turbulence on the airplane. Not everyone's taste.

For those of you not from Cargolux (CV):
I'm a pilot with this cargo airline and we can use CV for private travel on standby basis. There can be a total of 8 persons on board, including the pilots (remember, it is a cargo airplane). Traveling as passenger with CV is fun. We have 2 bunks and plenty of room to move around (747, upper deck).

Unfortunately last year we stopped flying to Sydney and now I use CV to get as close as possible to Sydney which is Singapore From here I take a commercial flight with Scoot airlines, a low cost carrier born out of Singapore Airlines. Return ticket 450 Euro. An unbeatable price.

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