Friday, 14 December 2012

Tonight I have my flight from Singapore to Sydney.

 Sydney, I'm coming.

Just having late lunch here in Singapore. A thounderstorm is building up over the city. It was raining every day since I’m here. The weather will be better in Sydney.

Lesson of the day:

Rule 18.2 Giving Mark-Room

(a), When boats are overlapped the outside boat shall give the inside boat mark-room, unless rule 18,2(b) applies.

(b) If boats are overlapped when the first of them reaches the zone, the outside boat at that moment shall thereafter give the inside boat mark-room. If a boat is clear ahead when she reaches the zone, the boat clear astern at that moment shall thereafter give her mark-room.

 So it is all a question if the overlap was established or not when reaching the zone.

Here a drawing to make it more easy to understand:

I  =  the inside boat ( in relation to the mark)

O = the outside boat

Can you imagine the tension and confusion which can grow when a couple of boats are approaching the mark at the same time? Tactician’s and skipper’s are concentrated to the limit to sort out which of the rules might apply.

Of course, if you know your rules you can use them to your advantage and plan your tactics accordingly.

Or, if you have now idea at all, just pretend to be an expert and hail like

”you have to give room, rule 18.9 alfa"
(No idea if that rule exists) 

That impresses most sailor and they would give way.

Don’t tell anyone about this"little trick". I don’t want to sail in a regatta and having another boat using this trick on me. I would be easy pray. 

Do you still remember rule 17????


I got info about the crew.

Duncan Macalister and Chris Hollies are the skippers and Peter Thornton and Jason Cummings are the mates.
The rest of the crew - as far as I understand-  consists of 1 Brit, 1 kiwi,  1 sailor from Hongkong and the rest are aussies. It sounds like a great mix and I can't wait meeting the crew.

                                                        WET FUN

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